Monday, June 20, 2011

18 Week Ultrasound

Friday was a very eventful and exciting day! First, we had our 2nd OB appointment at 9 am. I will admit I was a bit nervous even though I had been feeling movement. It didn't help that our little squirmer kept dodging the doppler, but our doctor's resident was super sweet and understanding (and pregnant herself!) so she busted out the portable u/s machine to give us a little sneak peek. Baby was moving up a storm, and even waved hello to us. I was measuring right on target and everything else looked good. I made sure that I was cleared to go to Vegas next week (which I am!), and after a quick hello to our actual doc, we were off to wait for the big ultrasound.

It was so nice to actually have just an external ultrasound with no crotch cam needed! Though my bladder has never been fuller and I was soooo uncomfortable. Baby was being fairly cooperative though very active, and finally at the end he/she revealed it's gender to the tech. When he brought Nate in, he gave us a "tour" of our precious little baby, and when he got to the potty shot, right away Nate and I saw what it was without a word from the tech (though he quickly confirmed our guess).

It's a BOY!!!!!!!! We are so very happy!!!

It's what my gut said he was, though I did keep dreaming of him being a girl. However, I could never quite wrap my head around our baby actually being a she, so looks like Mommma's intuition was right!

I have to go back for a follow up u/s in 3 weeks because the tech said it was too early to get some of the measurements, though they did tell me to book between 18-20 so I'm not sure why it was an issue. But baby looked very good (weighing in at 7 oz, heart rate 147 bpm), and my doc said she would have called Friday if there had been any obvious problems (due to us being higher risk for Downs).

Mom and I are headed for a quick trip to Vegas next week to do some baby shopping and enjoy a girls' getaway. I can't wait!!!

Here is a picture of our little boy:

And me at 17 weeks:

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  1. <3 the pictures! Enjoy shopping in Vegas for your baby boy! :)