Friday, August 26, 2011

Nursery Preview

Ok, so I can't hold out any longer. I have to share pictures of our nursery as is, because I love it so much. I find any excuse I can to spend time in there. There are a few things left to do... my awesome mom is working on an owl painting and a plaque that says "Owl Always Love You" to hang above his crib and my fabulous mom-in-law is working on a growth chart to hang on the same wall as the closet. I still need to make the crib skirt and sew his crib blanket (matches the curtains), but that's about it I think. We also have these cool metallic dragonflies that will hang on the wall over his crib as well.

To show the transformation of the room, I had the foresight to take before pictures. Here is what it looked like before all the painting and decorating began:

And here is the transformation! Click on the pictures to see bigger versions.

Mom and I made the curtains out of specially ordered fabric from with green broadcloth as the backing and top band. We found these awesome plastic grommets to use at the top. The owl pattern on the fabric is the basis for the theme and colours of the nursery.

The crib and dresser my mom bought us used of Kijiji when we found out we were pregnant after our first IVF. It just so happens it's the exact same as Elaine's crib, which was why I fell in love with it in the first place because I loved the crib she had for Matthew. The bookshelf, which looks like it matches, we found at IKEA for a steal (we decided not to use the ugly one you see in the before pictures). The lamp was another great find for only $14 at Jysk. The turtle is really cool because his shell lights up and projects stars on the ceiling. I bought him for "Nate" for Father's Day because he's interested in anything astronomy (though of course it's really for the baby, but it was just for fun). The rocking chair is very special to Nate and I; his maternal grandma gave it to his mom when he was born. Now he will get to sit in it and rock his own firstborn son. We added a cushion that matches the decor, and my mom crocheted the blanket hanging on the back. The light fixture we also found at IKEA, and it allowed us to move the light from right in front of the closet door (who installs a light right there??).

The cute little owl painting (on the same wall as the white bookshelf) my mom painted a few years ago. We found it when we were cleaning out the nursery closet to make room for baby and it goes with the room perfectly. The tree mural and dragonflies I painted on the wall, and Nate hung the shelves on the branches. The stuffed owl on the top of the tree is my favourite stuffie from when I was a kid. His name is Hooty, and I think he's the reason why I really wanted owls as the theme. The lime green owl below him I ordered off of Etsy (it's a piggy bank), and the pewter owl Elaine bought me when she was shopping for her own nursery for Holly and bought one for herself too (we both did an owl theme). The switch plate cover I made by decoupaging fabric over the original cover.

My very talented mama painted the owls on the closet door. She mimicked them after the ones on the fabric, but gave them her own special touch. I absolutely love how they turned out! I painted the dragonflies since I'm not nearly as talented in the painting department haha. We both made the felt owls hanging from the mobile, though mom got the fun task of trying to sew them together.

So that's the room! Nate, mom, and I are so incredibly happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to finish the last little bit. As soon as we do I'll post a couple of update pictures. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

27 weeks! 13 left to go...

And holy moley have I been delinquent about updating. Here's the whole shebang from the last 4 weeks.

After my last post, we found out that we needed to go back yet AGAIN for anatomy ultrasound #4... Our OB said that nothing was wrong, it was just that they still weren't able to see everything they needed to. I'd never heard of 4 anatomy ultrasounds for one little baby and despite my doctor's reassurances, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit worried.

Anatomy ultrasound #4 was on Tuesday, August 9 at 10:45 am (at just over 25 weeks), and we went back to the same place as our previous one which was awesome. Thankfully our baby was much more cooperative! He kept his boy parts hidden until the end (he loves to cross those legs!) but a good side view showed his penis in all it's glory so I felt much better having a second visual confirmation. We had only seen his boy parts the once at 18 weeks, and everything we have for him so far is blue and very much for a little boy.

The most important thing though was that our little guy is healthy. The very sweet tech had no appointments for a while after ours, so she took a bunch of 3D shots of his face. It was so incredible to see his chubby little cheeks and features! He totally has my nose and Nate's lips. He was also sleeping with his hand tucked under his chin again and pouting... Just like I do! Here are pictures of the pictures (I will replace with the actual files next week):

We had our 26 week OBGYN appointment Friday, August 12, and it went great! No wait again as usual... We were actually 20 minutes early and prepared to wait, but no one was before us so they got us in right away. Bonus! We saw a really nice intern before our doctor came in to see how we were doing, and she was finally able to sign off on all of our baby's anatomy scans. Everything was completely normal which was a huge relief after our elevated Downs risk and the number of ultrasounds we had. Most of our little guy measured within the 50th percentile, though his head measured in the 85th. That kind of freaked me out a bit as I realized that head would be the first part of him coming out of me within the next few months haha! I think up until I heard that I was in denial that what goes in must come out! My belly was measuring right on as well, and his heartbeat was fantastic. I love hearing it on the doppler! No other issues to complain of, and my weight gain is good so far.

The next day, on Saturday, August 13, we had our "entertainment" 3D ultrasound at UC Baby. We brought my mom and Nate's mom with us. Despite a slurpee beforehand and the 6(!!!) suckers the tech made me eat (like as in chew, not suck on... If I ever see another sucker I will puke!) our little man was hunkered down for a nap in breech position cuddled up against my placenta. He did flash his boy parts right at the beginning, and at one point he had one of his feet up by his head which was so cute. Despite not shifting after I switched positions and jiggled my belly all over the place to get him to move, we still were able to watch him suck his thumb and fist, grab his toes and the umbilical cord, yawn and swallow and even open his eyes and blink at us! He also flexed his biceps at us several times which had us all cracking up. He's just soooo frigging cute and it was amazing to see his little features in so much detail. Mommy and Daddy's hearts absolutely melted, and both Grandma's were pretty smitten too. I'm so in love with him already! We got some great printed pics to tide us over but not the CD or DVD yet as they are going to have us back in 2 weeks free of charge for another attempt. I'm definitely not complaining... Can't wait to see him yet again! Afterwards, we all joined Nate's dad at Scicillian Pasta Kitchen for a celebratory supper. It was a great night, and we really enjoyed being able to share that special ultrasound with both of our moms.

On Monday, August 15th, I had part one of the gestational diabetes screen as well as some other standard lab tests. However, I didn't realize I needed a urine test as well, and for the first time this pregnancy I didn't have to pee. Totally Murphy's Law because since getting pregnant, I ALWAYS have to pee! It took me 20 minutes to squeeze enough into that damn cup and my little guy was not impressed with all the straining! That was probably the worst part of the whole experience for me. After I managed to give them that sample, they gave me The Dreaded Drink and I chugged that nasty orange concoction down super fast so I wouldn't taste it. BAD idea. I almost heaved it all up again. All I could think about while trying not to puke was what the lab tech said when she handed it to me: "Don't throw it up ok?" Right. Because I can help that. Bleh. Anyways, I kept it down somehow, but it wasn't carbonated like some ladies I know have had, and it tasted like cold, slightly watered down orange cough syrup. Then I just had to wait it out for an hour which wasn't so bad thanks to my iPhone. They definitely ought to have a couple of comfy padded seats designated for pregnant people and the elderly though. One hour in those chairs is torture!

The next day my OB's office called to tell me I failed round 1, which sucks. I wasn't terribly surprised... I have PCOS of course, and with that comes insulin resistance (at least it does for me). So I was booked to do the 2 hour version this past Friday at 27 weeks exactly. It wasn't as bad... this time I'd learned to drink smaller amounts at a time, like shooters, so I barely tasted it. I did need 3 blood draws (one before, one at 1 hour, one at 2 hours) but I'm used to needles so that part was easy. The worst was having to sit in that stupid uncomfy chair for 2 hours while feeling nauseous from The Dreaded Drink, and starving from fasting over 12 hours. All I could think about was McDonald's breakfast (bad I know!) which was exactly where I headed after I finished the test. I made it with 5 minutes to spare until they switched over to lunch. Whoo! I should find out tomorrow if I passed or not.

In other news, the nursery is almost done! I've debated posting pictures of the progress so far, but I'm going to be mean and make you all wait until everything is done. I may post pics before the painting my mom is working on is done though, as that could take a while yet. I love how it has turned out... It's so calming and cheerful, and I find any excuse I can to hang out in there and organize his closet and drawers. I have also discovered I have a shopping problem. I cannot stop buying for my little man when it comes to clothes. With showers coming up in October, I. Must. Resist.

I will be posting a ton of pictures and some video of the 3D ultrasound after part 2 on September 1st.

Here are some belly pics to tide you over:

26 Weeks

27 Weeks