Monday, April 25, 2011

10 weeks!

I don't know why 10 weeks seems so exciting to me, but it is. 10 weeks is a bit of a milestone because I get to stop the vaginal Prometrium suppositories and the Estrace tablets as well. To be honest I'm a wee bit nervous about stopping, especially cold turkey, so the last couple of days I've been weaning myself off the progesterone and will do so until I finish tomorrow. I trust my clinic wouldn't stop me unless they were confident everything would be okay by now, and I also trust my body. The placenta will have taken over producing those hormones for me by this point.

I'm already "showing" though what I'm actually showing is bloating and pre-existing chub being pushed outwards, however it does look like a bit of a baby bump. Mat pants are my best friend, and long empire waist style tops work wonders to hide the baby bloat. My morning sickness is still kicking around, though I'd say it's maybe been a bit better lately. The fatigue, however, is kicking my butt. I have zero energy or motivation to accomplish anything lately.

The last few days I've finally been less starving. My cravings have gotten soooo strong though, as have my aversions. The latest craving has been hotdogs with lots of mustard... Both of which I'm not fond of when not pregnant. Aversions lately include popcorn (usually a fave!!), shrimp, bagels (I craved these soooo much just one short week ago) and chicken unless it's roasted. So weird.

I feel weird pulling and stretching sensations all the time, and even some spasms. All what I am assuming is my uterus growing to accommodate our thriving baby who is officially a fetus this week. Last night I rolled over pretty suddenly onto my side and I felt something wiggle and sort of a very light tap tap. I was like "OMG! That was the baby!" and then I realized how unlikely that was given I'm only 10 weeks so it must have been gas. Totally freaked me out for a second though (in a good way)!

Only 2.5 weeks until our next u/s and then we plan to announce on Facebook. Almost everyone close to us knows already though, but I can't wait to make the public announcement.

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