Monday, April 11, 2011

First Pre-natal Check-up

So today I had my first pre-natal check-up! My GP has been my doctor since I was 2 months old, so it's pretty cool that he will be monitoring this pregnancy up until I see my OB much later on. I reminded him of this today and he said it made him feel very old, lol!

I had been feeling a lot better morning sickness wise all weekend, just exhausted and hormonal... I burst into tears for no reason at all on Saturday night! But then today after my doctor appointment I felt like I'd been hit by a truck and have been sooo nauseous all night with a horrible migraine. My doc suggested taking Gravol or Benadryl before bed since it seems to hit me in the middle of the night the worst. He didn't want to prescribe Diclectin unless nothing else worked or I was puking/feeling nauseous all day every day which hasn't been the case yet.

I have a whole stack of bloodwork and a urine analysis I need to get done this week, and then I am back to see him in a month after our 12 week NT ultrasound. My doc plans on seeing me once a month until I am transferred to my OB at 25-30 weeks, which is totally fine with me. I'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat at the next appointment!

This weekend I also bought my own maternity jeans from Motherhood and they are soooo incredibly comfy. I love them! I also got a couple of mat t-shirts from old navy as I was in desperate need of casual tops that hide my belly since I'm not exactly ready to proudly display my bloating as a baby bump. I cannot wait for the actual bump to show up!

It's been a week since our ultrasound, and while that did wonders to alleviate my anxiety, I'm still nervous. I wish my uterus had a little window I could peek into so I could check on the baby all day! I want to shout that I am pregnant from the rooftops, but we're probably going to wait until the 12 week scan before letting the public know. We have been telling close friends, family, and co-workers though which is exciting.

I do have a "peanut" picture from our ultrasound, but it is on some special disk that a friend got for us who works at the lab. I'm not sure if we can get the images off of it, so if not, I will definitely be purchasing a photo or two at our 12 week appointment that I can share with everyone. Only one month to go until we can see our precious little babe again!

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