Tuesday, July 12, 2011

21 Week Follow-up Ultrasound

So our baby boy is doing really good! Yesterday was the follow-up anatomy ultrasound since the first was a bit "early" and he was too small to get all the measurements they needed. He is measuring right on target, his heart rate is good, and thanks to the tummy probing he finally turned so that he is no longer beating up my cervix and bladder. I actually saw my belly jump very slightly from a couple good knees/elbows during the ultrasound so I think all the poking ticked him off!

Unfortunately the u/s was super short and the tech I had was a tight lipped cow. She barely grunted when I asked if he was cooperating, and I was starting to freak out that something was wrong because she said absolutely nothing the whole time! When she left to give the doctor the scans and to get mom and Nate, I felt baby like crazy (that's when I saw my tummy jump!) so thank god I had that reassurance. I had to drag it out of her that he was measuring perfectly and what his heart rate was (143 bpm). I asked if she was able to see his boy parts, and she said no, that this was a follow up so she didn't look. Hmph.

We plan on going for an elective 3D ultrasound in a few weeks, so I guess I can get a better look then! At least we were able to see him "looking" at us and sucking his thumb! Here is a picture from the ultrasound, but it's pretty crappy. It's of his face as he was looking at us. It looked so much cuter on the actual screen.

We will get our combined ultrasound results on Friday, but I'm feeling good about everything.

Last night was also pretty exciting because he was moving a ton since the ultrasound and had been giving me his hardest kicks/punches/nudges yet. So, while we were curled up on the couch watching "The Business of Being Born", Nate had his hand on my belly and felt him for the first time! I was worried that with my extra padding it would take a while for him to feel it, but after I saw my belly move today I began to wonder. I'm so happy he was able to experience that!

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