Thursday, July 21, 2011

23 weeks tomorrow!

I actually have a lot to update for once!

Last Friday was our 22 week OB appointment. I have only gained 13 lbs so far which I am really happy about, especially because it seems I am always hungry, and for the first trimester I was less nauseous if I ate. BP was perfect, no urine issues. Baby totally cooperated this time and they found his heart beat right away. In fact, due to his position, the Doppler was right on top of his heart and my OB could hear all of the valves functioning "just beautifully" as she put it. My uterus is measuring 24 instead of 22 weeks, but I was told that's normal and better than measuring too small.

Our u/s results were fantastic; no soft markers for Downs! He has a prominent nasal bone and all the bones in his pinkies plus his femur length was normal. However, our baby is a stubborn little dude, because they have not been able to get good views of his heart so we went back one more time on Wednesday.

This ultrasound was a way better experience. It was at another OB's office in the same building, and Nate was able to be in the room the entire time. We both watched our baby during the entire ultrasound on a big TV screen on the wall. The tech was super sweet and went over all the body parts she was measuring and answered any questions we had. It was so cool to watch our little guy for a whole hour! He curls his hands up under his chin when he sleeps like I do, and I totally think he has my nose and Nate's lips! I asked if she could confirm the gender, but he was sitting breech with his legs crossed so no further visual of his boy bits. He also kept putting his hands in front of his face when she switched to 3D so no good face shots to take home. But he's healthy (he showed us his heart which looks great!) and that's all that matters.

I reached another milestone the other day. TMI (too much information) warning for those who do not want to read about my boobs....

They started leaking colustrum!! I was a bit surprised and excited all at once, only because I was happy to know the plumbing up there works, haha!

In other exciting news, progress is being made on the nursery. My tree-shelf wall is almost done, and mom has gotten a lot done on the owl mural on the closet. Last week we bought a light fixture for his room and a bookshelf that matches the off-white colour of our crib and dresser/change table. I also found out this week that I have the same baby furniture as Elaine! Which is funny because when we bought it, I was looking for something similar to hers as I loved it back when Matty was born. Not only that, but she is doing an owl, birds, and butterfly theme for her little girl (due within the next 4 weeks), and we are doing an owl and dragonfly theme for our little boy. Great friends think alike! ;-) I can't wait for both of our babies to be here. It's so much fun to be pregnant at the same time as one of your very best friends.

Oh, and I've popped even more I think. I feel enormous. Here's my latest belly picture (taken yesterday):

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