Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12 weeks!!!

This has been a pretty eventful week so far. Last Friday, I noticed my nausea was nowhere to be found when I woke up (woohoo!) but after I ate, I was extremely nauseous and actually threw up everything I ate. That was weird for me, considering I'd only puked twice in the entire 12 weeks up until that point, and eating always made me feel better not worse. The next day, same thing. I ate, felt awful, then threw up. Sunday, yet again... Happy Mothers (To Be) Day to me! Monday, I woke up ravenous and ate a pretty big lunch. Big mistake. When the nausea kicked in I was terrified to throw up that much food, so I took a Gravol and fought it off by basically sleeping all day. I phoned my doctor for a Diclectin prescription, but it wasn't going to be ready until today. This morning I ate really lightly, and STILL felt extremely sick (though I managed not to barf). After work, Nate picked up my prescription and I took one right away. Then I ate a decent sized meal and FINALLY managed to feel good afterwards and keep it down. Diclectin is officially a miracle drug in my eyes!

On Sunday, for Mother's Day, we had Nate's family over and we celebrated with both our moms. We made burgers, hot dogs, my famous lemon dill baby potato salad, and had my SIL Megan's cherry cheesecake for dessert. The weather was beautiful so we spent most of the evening outside. This was the first Mother's Day I can remember in years where I didn't feel down about not being a mom yet. And my wonderful hubby bought me a beautiful card, yellow roses, and a Willow Tree ornament (the pregnant couple). I've wanted to add that one to my collection for so many years!

Only 2 more sleeps until our ultrasound and I am actually more excited than nervous. The heightened nausea/throwing up is reassuring, as is the "flutters" and "twitches" I've been feeling. I know some people don't believe you can feel movement this early (and I always thought those that said they did were craaaaazy), but there are plenty of women out there that swear they feel movement around 11 or 12 weeks. I KNOW it's not gas. It happens at certain times of the day, and it's a really obvious fluttery feeling and sometimes like tiny bubbles or when you have an eye twitch. It's also very very low, not in the stomach or bowel region, and as far as I know I don't think you can feel gas in your uterus lol! I'm anxious to see our little one moving on the ultrasound screen to see if it correlates at all to what I've been feeling. There is of course a chance I am just a crazy pregnant lady, but I'm enjoying whatever it is!

And now for my first belly picture. Please keep in mind I had extra padding to start with (so I obviously look larger than 12 weeks), my bathroom mirror is clearly dirty, and it was a bad hair day (aka ponytail day):

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  1. You look fab and that's one cute belly! Yay for 12 weeks!! I can't wait to hear about your u/s. :)

    On a side note, care to share your lemon dill potato salad recipe? ;)