Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The drugs have arrived!

This is what $1500 worth of IVF drugs and supplies look like:

Mom said they should have delivered it via armoured car, lol! At least they made me pick it up in person and sign for it with photo id. I start Suprefact and aspirin (ASA) on Friday. Suprefact is a nasal spray, which I need to snort 5 times a day. It also tastes disgusting. I have to set alarms on my cell phone because there's no way I would remember to take it that many times on my own.

In our package, we also received requisitions for more blood work (which we will do tonight), another Semen analysis for Nate (oh the jokes I could make about that, but I will refrain), and then a requisition for an u/s to check the number and size of ovarian follicles on February 14 (which I booked today).

We're pretty much all set to go, there won't be much more to report until the ultrasound is done and I start the injections (2 needles a day; Gonal F and Luveris).

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