Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting healthy

Starting out our IVF as healthy as I can is a big goal of mine. I joined a Biggest loser challenge on a message board I'm part of, and I think it's the perfect motivator to get started.

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, and I hate adding to the cliche, but the timing for me does coincide with the beginning of the year, so I'm going to go with it.

Of course, losing weight and getting in shape are not the only things I need to change. I also need to take all the medications I need to be on regularly, and cut out pop.

Being on both prenatal vitamins and taking Metformin has made me really nauseous in the past, and so I've been avoiding taking them. Last week I started in earnest and the first few days were brutal (Thanks Metformin!) but I seem to be over the worst. Now that I'm on both Metformin (working my way up to 3 a day) and PregVit I feel like I have taken some control on being as healthy as I can be for me and our future baby(ies).

The next big change is to cut out pop completely. I am soooo addicted to Coke Zero, and I don't need the sodium or the aspartame in my system. My plan for this week is to cut down to 3 max per day. Next week will be 2, then 1, then none (except for dinners out, though when pg then water only).

The plan for losing weight is to watch what I eat and exercise my butt off while tracking calories in vs. calories out. I have an elliptical that is gathering dust, tons of fun new fitness games for the Kinect, dogs that love walks, a good flight of stairs that can be climbed, some free weights, and I am going to try to get mom to go to aquasize with me. So lots of options to get my butt moving!

Operation Baby 2011 is underway, and I can't wait for this cycle to get started!

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