Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ready to go

Transfer almost all of savings (gulp!) to credit card... check!
Pay insane amount of money to the clinic... check!
Pay for and order drugs (to be shipped Monday)... check!
Book same hotel as last time... check!

Now all that is left to do is continue staying healthy and losing weight, and we are good to go. The weight loss efforts received an extra boost this week when I came down with a horrible stomach bug on Sunday night. Kelly is due with baby girl #2 in a couple of weeks, and she started having contractions last weekend. She asked me if I would like to be there when the baby is born, and of course I said yes! Sunday night it looked like it was going to happen, so Kelly, Chris, her sister Kristy, and I went to the hospital. She wasn't dilated enough to be admitted, so she was told to walk around for a while and see if there was any change. I started to feel kind of funny during the 2 hours of walking with her to induce labour, but I dismissed it as my stomach not agreeing with what I had for supper. After being checked again, Kelly was sent home as the contractions were all over the place and she wasn't dilated enough. I'm selfishly thankful baby chose not to come just then, because within half an hour of getting home I was throwing up violently and having to deal with the other end of things as well. I swear I have never puked so hard in my life. For like 8 straight hours. It sucked! I felt horrible Monday and ate nothing but soup and gingerale but at least the throwing up had stopped. Yesterday was better, though not great. Today I feel 100%, and the good news is I lot a few extra pounds too. Considering most of that was probably water weight, I don't have high hopes of keeping it off. Oh well, just glad to be feeling better! Kelly's baby girl has still not arrived, but she could make her appearance at any moment. I think she must have known it wasn't a good time, because her dad Chris had the same thing I did that night. Now that everyone's healthy I'm betting she'll decide to make her grand entrance. If not, there are other plans in the works!

Only 9 days until I start sniffing Suprefact!

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