Friday, September 9, 2011

30 Weeks!

Around 2 months to go (10 weeks), so I am 3/4 of the way there! 30 weeks is a huge milestone for me. I have been looking forward to 30 weeks for a long time. So what is being 30 weeks pregnant like?

What I love:

My big round belly. Feeling the increasingly bigger movements from my baby, and "playing" with him by pressing on my belly and having him respond. Feeling him react to my voice and singing. Waking up at night to some serious ninja kicks. Feeling him have the hiccups. Feeling him roll and wiggle. Watching my belly move all over the place. My wonderful hubby constantly rubbing my belly and talking to it; telling our baby he loves him and kissing my belly each morning before he goes to work. Hugging Nate and laughing because my belly is SO in the way. Having strangers ask when I'm due, is it a boy/girl etc. The crazy nesting instincts... I just want to clean and organize everything in sight! Baby laundry. Organizing and reorganizing the nursery. Using my big belly as a TV tray. Watching the dogs' and cats' reaction to the baby kicking them when they lay on me. The first kick/movement when I wake up. Doing any baby related task or project.

What I could do without (but am by no means complaining; I have it easy!):

The morning sickness that never left (thank-you Diclectin for making it tolerable!). Not being able to fall asleep easily at night. Not being able to get comfortable at night. How daunting it is to simply bend down to get something I've dropped (do I really need that??). Not being able to do as much as before without totally exhausting myself or suffering major aches and pains. Peeing 5 million times a day. Swollen feet (I don't remember what my ankles looked like!). Greasy skin (aka the pregnancy glow). Indigestion. Yep, that's about it. I am one annoyingly happy pregnant person!

Tomorrow we are going on a hospital tour of the Royal Alex led by my MIL (who used to work there in L&D). My SIL & BIL are also coming as Tessa is 11 weeks behind me and so it works out great timing wise for all of us to check out the new women's hospital. We just found out this week that they are having another baby boy! I am so excited for another nephew and that our little guys will be so close in age. 3 boys in the family is going to make for some crazy (but fun) times!

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