Thursday, September 1, 2011

3D Ultrasound - 26 Weeks & 29 Weeks

Well we went for round two of our 3D ultrasound tonight with both of our moms. Last time, our little guy was breech and nothing we tried would get him moving much. He just wanted to stay snuggled up to the placenta, lol. This time, he was head down! In fact, he just flipped last night which is very convenient. To guarantee some action, I drank Coke, ate Skittles, had more suckers (they were a better kind this time lol), and he was very very active. Plus he's a lot bigger, and those cute little cheeks were even chubbier! We were able to see his little boy parts in 3D too. There's no mistaking we are having a boy!! You can see the photos here, and there are some posted below as well.

Here are a few from the first round at 26 weeks:

And here are a few from today at 29 weeks:

I'm totally biased of course, but I think I'm having the cutest baby ever. We are so in love with him already. Hurry up November!!!


  1. So exciting!! He's gorgeous : ) Know that we are all so excited for you, here in Calgary at HIHF.

  2. Thanks so much Gina!! I strongly believe that you all played a major part in his conception. I'll be calling soon to make a prenatal massage appointment, as we will be in Calgary for September 24th & 25th and I would love to see you all again!

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