Monday, September 26, 2011

32 Weeks - Baby Shower in Calgary!

This past Saturday, Nate and I headed to Calgary for the weekend. Two very good friends of mine, Morgan and Jaime, threw a joint baby shower for me and another friend, Christie (I'm due about 6 weeks before she is).

My "Calgary Friends", as I call them, are part of a larger group that we refer to as the BI ladies. BI stands for Beyond Infertility, and we started an online message board years ago to help support each other in the process of trying to become parents. There are about 30 of us all across Canada and couple outside (overseas and in the U.S.) and we have all become really good friends.

There are 3 of us in Edmonton, and 5 in Calgary, all of whom I see on a fairly regular basis, especially considering we spent a lot of time in Calgary because of our IVFs.

The shower was so much fun! The food, the decorations, and the games were all incredible. Christie and I were so impressed with everything and we had such a good time. Our babies were also spoiled rotten, and not just by those in attendance. You can check out the photos here.

Below is a picture of all the wonderful gifts I received for our baby boy. You will notice the adorable little stuffed owl matches a larger version that mom and I found in Vegas! I had to take a picture of "Mama" and "Baby" owl together.

After the shower, we stayed the night at Morgan & Rob's. The next day we headed out and stopped at one of my favorite places: The Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility. I had booked a one hour prenatal massage with Tracy and it was ah-mazing. I think one of my favorite parts was lying on my ginormous belly on top of the special contoured bolster. It was so comfortable and you get so much more pressure than just lying on your side. I highly recommend it! Every pregnant woman should have a prenatal massage if possible.

After I left there feeling like a giant wet noodle, we headed home. It was a fantastic weekend, and one I'll never forget.

On that note, I will leave you with this week's belly picture from a different perspective:

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