Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arrrgh stupid Edmonton clinic

One thing I love about the Calgary fertility clinic is that they call you back really quickly. Usually the same day, or at the latest, by noon the next day. In fact, I called them Sunday night to say I had a positive HPT and they called me back the next morning just to say congratulations and that they would wait to hear my blood test results before giving me further instructions. The Edmonton clinic not so much. I also called them Sunday night to tell them I tested positive on HPTs and needed to set up a blood test for Wednesday or Thursday, and I haven't heard back yet. It's driving me crazy... I just want this set up so I can go tomorrow for blood and then hear from the nurses "officially" that I am pregnant so we can proceed with booking the 7-8 week ultrasound. It is the Edmonton clinic that will monitor this pregnancy until after the ultrasound when I am transferred to my OB. Calgary will just be giving me medication instructions.

In the meantime, I may have tested both yesterday and this morning just too see those beautiful lines again *whistles innocently*.

I spent all day yesterday sicker than a dog. I've never been happier to feel so barfy! If I thought I experienced morning sickness with my other pregnancies, it was NOTHING like this. Today is better, but I still feel off and on nauseated. Today I also feel pinchy tugging sensations in my uterus. I'm taking advantage of feeling a bit better to get some work and minor chores done while I can.

That's the update for now, hopefully I hear from the clinic soon!

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