Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally... blood test results!!!

I waited allll day yesterday to get them to no avail, and FINALLY they called about 15 minutes ago. I am definitely pregnant, and the nurse said I have a nice high, strong number that indicates a viable pregnancy! WHOOO HOOO!!!! For those that the number means anything, it was 734 at 18dp3er (or 18dpo)! Last time, it was 88 at this point, and we ended up with a missed miscarriage. The number is within the range for both singleton and twin pregnancies, so we will just have to wait and see.

I go for one more blood test on Monday, as the nurse said they follow up until the hcg level is over 1000, and they want to make sure it is doubling as it should. The day I get those results I will get an u/s date!!!

Nate and I are soooo incredibly happy and excited. I am also still feeling barfy, crampy, bloated, sore boobs, and tired as can be. All good things!!!

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