Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

That has been my schedule the last few days. Today I'm feeling a little less exhausted, which is good because I have Kelly's baby shower to go to in an hour or so.

The 2 week wait is already driving me crazy. I think it is time to start using the meditation breathing we learned in yoga! We have tentatively decided to test at home next Saturday or Sunday (13 or 14 dpo or in our case, dper). I originally thought maybe Friday, but I think that's just a bit too early, and then Nate would have to go to work and try to get work done regardless of the result.

I'm in the mindset this time that I am already pregnant, which technically, I am. I have 2 bundles of life inside of me, and really it's just a matter of them implanting and growing properly. Despite my anxiety to find out, I'm still feeling very positive. I have incredibly strong feelings that this is working, that this time we are going to be parents. Only time will tell!

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