Thursday, March 10, 2011

Side effects, symptoms, or am I just going crazy???

Probably a bit of everything. The past week has been tough. Every twinge in my uterus or ovaries, every sore boob, every bit of cramping, every hint of barfiness has me reeling. Some people tell me it's way too early for symptoms, some tell me that a few women have them right from the start of implantation.

To complicate matters, up until about yesterday, I had hcg in my system from the trigger shot (which is the hormone that HPTs pick up) and therefore the hormone that contributes to pregnancy symptoms. Both the Prometrium (progesterone suppositories) and the Estrace (estrogen) I am on could account for the other symptoms, and while I know all of this, I'm still hoping that every little thing that I feel means I'm pregnant.

I can't concentrate on anything. I'm tired. I'm emotional. Realllllly emotional. I can cry for no reason at all. I have sore boobs (off and on, mostly on). I have crazy bad dreams (and er, some rather good ones) and night sweats. I have some nausea. And you know what? I would gladly embrace all of these things and more if it was a guarantee that this worked. But it's not. So while the side effects/symptoms slowly drive me crazy, I still have to wait until the weekend to test.

There is absolutely no point to this post other than to get all of this out. My gut feeling says it worked. But we will have to wait a few more days to find out!

ARRRRGGGGHHH!!! And with that, I am off to do my relaxation CD...


  1. Thinking of you lots and hoping that test day comes soon for you! [...hugs...]

  2. Hi Katie...Ann Zee @ HIHF here. Just wanted to send you a hug and to gently ask "have you done some Acu this week?" Just checking in....

  3. Gina from HIHF here. Thinking of you and Nate. Take car of yourself and loved this blog! It had a great point! Thanks for sharing.

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