Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pregnant and loving it

Not much to report here, which is a good thing! I'm still nauseous; I would say it's actually getting worse. I wake up often in the middle of the night and need to eat crackers (and sometimes a snack... I wake up starving and have to eat NOW!). I'm exhausted all the time, and even though some days I can sleep for like 14 hours, other days it's almost impossible for me to get a good sleep. I pee a lot, crave chocolate milk and pickles (but not together, thank goodness) and my pants are getting tight. I have a bit of a belly already, though I know it's all bloating. And I love all of it!

Our ultrasound is on Tuesday, and after that I think I will ask my doctor for a prescription for Diclectin. Some days the nausea is so bad I can barely accomplish anything. I am thankful I am self employed, because I have a hard time working during the day and usually get things done for a few hours in the evening. However, while I will be thankful to get some relief, I also find it incredibly reassuring right now, which is why I'm not ready for it to go away just yet. I am so incredibly excited for our ultrasound and nervous too. Last pregnancy the news at our first ultrasound was not good (though it was easier to swallow as we were expecting it wouldn't be good news based on my hcg numbers). This time, things seem to be going in the right direction and I am so insanely happy... but I am also terrified it will go wrong. I try not to think about it for obvious reasons. I so badly want to see one (or two!) healthy heartbeats on that monitor.

Speaking of 2... my gut says I am having twins. What do you think?? Most family members and close friends say twins so far. I will be beyond thrilled with 1 or 2. If there's 3 I might have temporary heart failure!

My only pregnancy complaint (if you can call it that, more like a pregnancy annoyance) is that my lower back is bugging me from sleeping. Since about 4.5 weeks, if I lay flat on my back I sometimes get dizzy and feel faint. I know this is not normally an issue until much later in pregnancy, though I did read in one of my books that it affects some women from the get-go. Since then I have a avoided laying on my back, which is not easy! And sleeping on my sides all night (with no support) hurts my lower back. I tried my BFF Kelly's pregnancy pillow that she gave me, but it just made me hot (plus it has a pillow built in which I didn't like, and you have to turn over with it and rearrange yourself if you switch sides). I tried regular pillows but they just annoyed me. Finally, I found something someone had posted online about using two inexpensive body pillows. You put one in front, and one behind you (slightly under you to keep from rolling over and so you can lean against it), and that way when you roll over, you don't have to drag the pillows with you. It gives a lot of lower back support! It also makes it really easy to prop up just your right side a tiny bit, so you can still kind of lay on your back. Best $20 I ever spent! Our cats like them too, lol!

So that's my update for now. The next one will likely be on Tuesday. Eeeeeep!!!! :-)


  1. : ) So happy for you and Nate!!

  2. PS. Gina, acupuncturist, from the Calgary Fertility Acupuncture clinic ; P wishing you the best!