Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 little embryos and an extra fertilized egg!

So we just got our update call. Out of the 5, one embryo is falling apart so will not be good to transfer, 1 is looking okay (but not great) and there are 3 excellent quality embryos. One of the good quality embryos has a thicker shell, which means it may be a candidate for assisted embryo hatching. To assist the embryo in hatching, the embryologist makes a tiny hole in the thicker outer shell to give it a much better chance of implantation. Because of this, I need to start taking a medication called Medrol, which will ensure that my body doesn't treat the assisted embryo as a foreign object. I will find out for sure tomorrow morning if I am to continue taking the meds if assisted hatching is indeed needed.

And then of course there is our borderline mature egg that grew up and decided to fertilize! We won't know it's status until tomorrow, but if it looks good, we will be able to freeze that one as well. So far it's looking like there will be 2 to transfer and 1 or 2 to freeze. They won't transfer more than 2 good quality embryos because of my age and the fact that I did get pregnant last time.

We're definitely excited, but also terrified.We just want our precious little embryos to keep doing well. The transfer is scheduled for 3:30 tomorrow, and after that I will have acupuncture and then we will finally head home! Yay!!!

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