Thursday, March 24, 2011

Open wide!

So one thing on my to-do list now that I'm pregnant was to get in to the dentist for a cleaning. I have had 2 not-so-good experiences the last few years with each dentist I've tried, so I am embarrassed to admit it has been about 3 years between cleanings. One was the dentist himself, and the other was the office staff. But today I went to a new dentist and it was a MUCH better experience all around. Because I'm preggo, I couldn't get x-rays, but they still started the cleaning (top only; have to go back for the bottom in a coule of weeks) and did a full exam. I have 2 tiny cavities, but the dentist wants to wait until after I have given birth. I also had her examine my sore jaw, which has been bothering me since our IVF, and she suggested getting a nightguard made. I fully agreed, though I expected it to be major $$$. Luckily, my insurance will cover most of it so it will only cost me about $100. Yay!

Yesterday, I went to see my regular doc to discuss my anti-depressants now that I am pregnant. From experience, I am not at all comfortable going completely off of them, and my doctor agrees. She told me research is not definite one way or the other, but as far as they know, the risk to my baby(ies) is very low, and I could actually be harming them more by being off of it and struggling with anxiety and depression. So we are decreasing my dose slowly to what is most comfortable for me, and I will continue to stay on it.

Now that those pressing concerns have been dealt with, I just need to wait for the ultrasound and then my first OB appointment. I'm almost at 6 weeks!!!

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  1. I just read your wonderful news - and WONDERFUL even seems too small a word. Congratulations to the both of you.
    Give me a shout if you would like some yogic ideas on managing your depression/anxiety should these conditions return as you decrease your meds. I could also teach you some exercises to help alleviate the jaw/tension pain in your mouth.
    A great resource book you might want to check out is Amy Weintraub's "Yoga for Depression - A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga". This book is a real gem.
    Hugs to you both.
    Beth Workman - Yoga Therapist