Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home sweet home

I am home! I was sent home on Tuesday afternoon, and I have to stay on my BP meds 3 times a day, moderate bed rest (15-18 hours a day of rest), and I also have home care coming in every day to monitor baby and of course my BP.

The home care and rest at home is going well, my BP is in the high range but stable (about 145/95). I like getting the NSTs at home every day; it's very reassuring to see that my little guy is doing well.

As we were leaving the hospital the other day, I started having cramping and back pain that was off and on. Nothing regular or too intense but it lasted all day. Baby's definitely dropped and he's putting tons of pressure on my cervix. One of the doctors at the hospital (and my mother-in-law who worked in L&D) did say I might go into labour a bit early on my own, because sometimes having hypertension causes your body to start the labour process as a kind of protective measure. And, I've heard from a few people as well that women with hypertension often have faster labours. Wouldn't that be nice! No cramping or labour signs since Tuesday though.

Today I was able to get out of the house with my mom for just a bit and it was great. Just walking around for a brief period really encouraged the baby even lower into my pelvis. Now my crotch is sore; feels like I have been horseback or bike riding!

Tomorrow I go to see my OB for my weekly scheduled visit, and we will talk more about my BP and she will check to see if there's anything going on in terms of dilation. I know it doesn't matter as labour happens when it happens, but in case they want to induce its good to know if I've had any progress on my own. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow so I'm technically full term, though if they do want to induce, I'm hoping they will wait until 38 weeks. But our bags will be in the car just in case!

I have to admit that last week I was very scared when it seemed like a real possibility to be induced, or, possibly a section if things got bad fast. But now feeling my body at least preparing itself on its own, I'm not as scared just excited and a bit anxious. Also, reaching 37 weeks has made me feel better about our baby's health, and now that I know it could happen, induction is less scary too.

Stay tuned! Baby Watch begins...

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