Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still here at the hospital

I'm still at the hospital and am pretty sure I will be until at least tomorrow. They have me on 300 mg of Labelotol for my BP. It seems to help, but I feel crappy on it. I'm jittery and shaky, and also nauseous which could be the meds or my BP.

Yesterday they did an MRI to rule out some rare adrenal gland tumor (based on my physical reaction to BP spikes... Shaky, racing heart, sweaty, nauseous) and that was a horrific experience. They did not communicate well to me what would happen during my first ever MRI, and being literally stuffed into that machine with a 9 month pregnant belly was not fun. I couldn't take a large deep breath without my belly being smooshed against the top and I could feel my baby squirming in protest. He was fine I'm sure, but it freaked this momma out! 15 minutes of pure hell I tell you.

The good news is the results came back super fast, and there are no tumors on my adrenals. However they still are doing tests to rule this condition out completely as it can occur elsewhere in the body.

Today I have the worst headache. They are concerned about that of course, because even though my BP is fairly stable it is on the high side. Tylenol barely touched it and every time I cough or move I feel like my head will split apart. The resident I saw today said if things get worse or even stay too much the same, they will induce but they would like to get me to 37 weeks if possible.

So that's it for now! Baby is doing good and is currently trying to bust out the top of my uterus, or so it feels like. ;-)

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