Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prenatal class... Check!

So last Saturday Nate and I attended the Capital Health prenatal class. We did a one day class from 9-3, and it was pretty good. I learned a few things, and Nate learned a lot. It was pretty obvious we were some of the more knowledgeable, well prepared first time parents though. We had a group activity answering questions about car seat safety, and thanks to one of our recent Bump Camp sessions with a car seat technician, we totally aced it.

My absolute favourite part was the supported labour positions, massage techniques, and then the relaxation exercise. We lay down side by side with our husbands/partners on padded mats with our pillows from home, then relaxed listening to a guided relaxation CD while our hubbies massaged our backs using a tennis ball, their hands, etc. Nate did such an amazing job and I almost fell asleep it felt so nice. I am so insanely lucky to have such a caring, sensitive, and calming husband. He is going to be the best labour partner and the most amazing dad. Love you honey!!! Xo

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