Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well THAT was unexpected!

We went to our 36 week appointment on Thursday morning. I was excited because it meant my appointments would now be every week, and it is getting closer to baby time.

They took my vitals, listened to baby, and then I was swabbed for Group B Strep. And then my doc tells me my BP was pretty high so she wanted to check it again. Sure enough it was still high at 150/95; high enough that she was concerned. We were told to head to assessment to monitor how baby was doing and of course my BP. We ended up being there for almost 6 hours! My BP kept spiking, and they couldn't decide what to do with me. Finally they decided I should go home but come back the next day for a BPP ultrasound (Bio Physical Profile of baby's vitals and growth) and another NST. They also arranged for home care to come in and check my BP starting Saturday.

We headed home after FINALLY grabbing something to eat (they wouldn't let me eat all day since they weren't sure what they were going to do with me). I relaxed and had a nap, then woke up at about 9 pm feeling really off. The off feeling got worse... I felt almost panicky for no apparent reason. My heart started racing, I was shaky, nauseous, and sweaty. I checked my BP using mom's monitor, and it was a whopping 198/117! Yikes! We had mom and Nate check theirs to make sure the machine wasn't wonky and it wasn't. So back to L&D I went. This time I brought mom so Nate could catch some sleep.

They monitored me for a bit then decided to send me back home as my BP was more stable. I was told to come back the next day for the NST and BPP.

Mom and I showed up at Assessment in L&D at 7:30 am as instructed. But no one had any clue about the ultrasound that was supposedly booked! They hooked me up to monitor baby, who was doing great and wriggling around like crazy trying to kick the monitor off my belly (and managing to move away from it several times). My BP was still spiking though.

After a while the oncall OB came to see me and decided he wanted to keep me over the weekend for observation. He said if my BP stabilized with rest and medication I would likely go home and be closely watched. If it stayed pretty high, they would likely induce. He also still wanted the BPP to check on baby, so that was scheduled for the afternoon. I was to stay in Assessment on the super uncomfy stretcher until a bed opened up later on.

The BPP went really well. Our little guy was measuring great and looking healthy. Fluid levels and placenta looked good too. He was weighing in around 6lbs 10oz (give or take of course!).

Finally around 4:30 pm a bed opened up in antenatal care. I was put in a semi-private and it is sooooo much better than waiting in Assessment. My room mate is pretty quiet and on strict bed rest, so I have the washroom to myself. Not long after I got here to antenatal care, an OB Med doctor came to see me and take a very detailed history. She has a theory, based on my weird off feelings during a BP spike, that my high blood pressure could be a result of benign adrenal gland tumors. They are doing a 24 hour urine collection test, as an MRI tomorrow to rule it out.

I'm honestly not too sure what it will mean. I think from what I learned baby may need to come soon, and possibly this means a c-section so they can remove the tumors at the same time. I really really hope that's not what I have and it's just a bit of pregnancy induced hypertension.

Either way, I do have a strong feeling baby will be coming soon. I'm not too worried about him as I am pretty far along, but I'm still nervous.

Also, staying in a hospital on bed rest sucks. I just hope this can be resolved soon and both baby and I remain healthy.

Here is my latest belly pic at 36 weeks, the morning we went to the doc. Hopefully not my last one this pregnancy!

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