Monday, February 28, 2011

We have fertilization!

We got the call bright and early this morning letting us know that 5 fertilized! The immature egg fertilized abnormally, so they can't use that one, and the other 2 haven't yet, but they still might. Still, 5 is what we had last time, and while we had hoped we would have more, we're also really pleased with that number. We have everything crossed that all 5 continue to do well. It is more likely than not that we will be doing a 3 day transfer, which means we will get to go home on Wednesday night! I am so excited for the transfer and to get home to my own bed.

I'm feeling a lot better today, I only have mild discomfort and the spotting has nearly stopped which is good. Tomorrow we have our private yoga session at HIHF, and then I will likely have another acupuncture session.

I will of course update tomorrow with how our beautiful little embryos are doing. Grow little babies, grow!

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