Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colour me relaxed

I had the BEST massage and Reiki treatment today! The Holistic Centre for Health & Fertility is a gorgeous new clinic that opened this January, and the staff are wonderful. My RMT was Laura, and she is a Reiki Master as well as trained in CranioSacral Therapy. She really focused on my reproductive area and I could actually feel the heat and energy radiating inside. She also focused on my scalp and neck muscles which was so soothing, and she told me it was a good balance for the work she did in my pelvic area.

The entire treatment was incredibly relaxing, and after an hour I felt like a big wet noodle. After my session, I worked with Ann, the clinic director and owner, to put together a treatment program for our remaining time in Calgary. This includes another massage/Reiki appointment, and then fertility acupuncture treatments before our retrieval with another before transfer and right after transfer. The clinic also offers yoga therapy, which is an hour long session that customizes a program to you and your partner. Ann recommended this for relaxation and focus during the two week wait, and since Nate and I enjoy doing yoga together anyways, we're going to do this as well. What makes all of this even better is that their treatments are very reasonably priced even without coverage (which we are fortunate to have cover some of the costs). A lot of other places I looked into were a lot more and were not necessarily fertility focused like this clinic. I highly recommend them! They focus on infertility and fertility issues, prenatal and pregnancy care (including prenatal massage and yoga), as well as postnatal issues including post partum depression and support for women experiencing menopause. I swear I am not being endorsed to write this or anything, I just really enjoyed my time there and I wish we had a clinic like this in Edmonton! You can also check out their Facebook Fan Page. Ann often posts relevant information about fertility and wellness.

Overall, I have to say that this IVF cycle my mind and body are much more connected. I feel very relaxed and stress free. Today's treatment helped of course, but a lot of credit also goes to the Circle + Bloom IVF program I've been listening to. I highly recommend it, I use it before bed every night and it gets me so relaxed I drift right off to sleep. They have other programs for women that I am sure would be just as good. If you use the coupon code FRIEND15, you can save 15% off your order. I'm not being endorsed for this either, I promise!

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