Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still growing

We are off to another ultrasound in a bit (no bloodwork today so we got to sleep in a bit), but I forgot to update yesterday so I thought I would do so quickly right now.

Yesterday's u/s was with Dr. Mihn, who mentioned right away that my right ovary was very busy. 9+ on the right measuring 12 - 14 mm ish and one measuring 16 mm. There were 10+ smaller ones. On the left, 2 were 14 mm and one 16 mm.

Later yesterday, the clinic called to tell me to go back to 150 of Gonal F (no Luveris) as my E2 levels had plateaued a bit.

I was given my HCG trigger shot to carry around in my purse, and the nurse's guess was that retrieval would likely be on Sunday. Eeee!!! We were also given instructions to uh, get busy (sorry to my in-laws who might be reading this) for an optimum sample on retrieval day.

Hopefully today the follies are right where they should be. I have a massage at 10 after our appointment, which I am looking forward to. We're getting close!!!