Friday, February 18, 2011

Good thing I am organized...

Because we are leaving for Calgary tomorrow am instead of Sunday afternoon! I went for my blood work (b/w) today to see how the drugs have been working, and my estrogen levels were on the high side so they want me in Calgary for an ultrasound at 9:45 tomorrow am. Eep!

I thought I had a whole day left to prepare, but at least I had started packing yesterday so it isn't too bad.

This morning's b/w was a bit of an adventure too. We got there early so we would be one of the first called, but there was no sign of my requisition, which was supposed to be faxed and waiting!

I left several semi-frantic messages for the clinic (no way to talk to someone directly), and after eating breakfast in the cafeteria with no call back, we decided to check the lab before heading home to wait. Sure enough, the requisition was there and thankfully it wasn't a busy day in the lab.

The injections have been going really well, no pain and no major side effects other than I am always thirsty. I need extra water anyways, so this isn't that bad all things considered. Also, Fruit Source bars = yummy, and they are excellent for preventing IVF induced constipation. TMI maybe, but if anyone else going through IVF stumbles across this blog, it's a good tip to know!

The only other strange side effect is that all of our cats seem to be in love with me. Like I literally can't go anywhere without them following me or sitting on me. I remember this happening last time when I was pregnant, but not before. Maybe it's the high estrogen levels! Gotta love hormones.

I will update tomorrow after the ultrasound and when we get settled in.

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