Monday, February 7, 2011

2 weeks until Calgary

Not too much to report, other than I'm getting excited that there's only 2 weeks until we go to Calgary!

I've been doing a bunch of reading on things to avoid during IVF, and a surprising one for me was the mention of how caffeine can effect egg and embryo quality, as well as implantation. Since I'm a big Coke Zero addict, I decided to cut that out completely now (was already trying to wean off of it) and switch to Sprite Zero. Well that may have not been the best idea to quit cold turkey, because I had 3 days of hard core caffeine withdrawal. On day 2, I was ready to grab Nate's coffee and inhale it, even though I hate coffee. And I basically slept all weekend, as I was soooo tired. I'm doing better now, though I'm still lacking energy.

The other big no-no, which I don't remember from last time, is Ibuprofen from the time I start injections onwards. I am pretty sure I continued taking it last IVF during the injections, especially when the headaches from my meds got really bad. This is concerning because it can interfere with embryo development, which is the problem we had last time. They implanted, but didn't continue to develop. So I've decided to just stop that completely, injections or not. I don't want to risk it!

Other than the side effects from caffeine withdrawal, I am also experiencing some side effects from Suprefact. I don't know if I did last time or not, as I didn't write them down, but this time I'll be emotional and/or moody... and then an hour later I feel great. It's kind of weird. Also the hot flashes. I am no stranger to hot flashes, as I take Celexa and can get them from that, but these are wayyyy worse. We have to keep the overhead fan on at night or I am dying from being so hot and sweaty and the sheets are soaked. Luckily Nate doesn't mind the fan and just burrows beneath the covers. Also, dry weather + nose spray 5 times a day = nosebleeds. Not fun.

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