Friday, February 11, 2011

Our IVF cycle has begun!

Yesterday my period arrived, which hopefully be the last one for 9-10 months. This marks the official beginning of our IVF cycle, and on Monday, Day 5, I will have my baseline ultrasound.

We still have a lot to do before going to Calgary. I have work to finish, a mountain of laundry to do, we need to clean out the truck, etc, etc. I'm also really going to miss Mom and all of the kitties. Good thing we are bringing the pugs or I would go crazy without having animals around for 2 weeks.

Only 9 days until we leave!


  1. wishing you everything you need over the next 2 weeks, hope this time is easy on you, with no complications ... just a plain, boring, average IVF cycle (is there such a think :)

  2. Thanks Larissa! Plain, boring and uncomplicated would be fantastic in my book!