Friday, February 25, 2011

Stick a fork in me...

...because my follicles are done! Yahoo!!! We had our ultrasound at 9:45 today with Dr. O'Keane (he was the doctor that did my retrieval last time actually). In order to do the retrieval they want the three lead follicles to get to 18 mm or over, which mine definitely were, measuring 21 mm, 19 mm, and 18 mm on the right. My left had ones at 19 mm and 17 mm, though I'm not sure it matters as I don't think they will be able to get to that ovary. In fact, the doctor had a hard time finding it as it has now migrated to the top of my uterus. Awesome. I have a wantering ovary!

After the ultrasound, the nurse mixed my trigger shot of HCG which I will need to take as two injections (and I remember this one burning like a mofo last time) with instructions to take it at 11 pm. Also, my last sniff of Suprefact was at 3 pm today!!! I am so over that stuff, so I was pretty happy to shove that into a drawer I tell ya.

Tomorrow is our day off, so no clinic visits, though I do have acupuncture scheduled which I am looking forward to. If it's nice (I hear a rumour...), we might head to the zoo.

Sunday, we are to be at the clinic for 9:30 am, with our retrieval scheduled for 10 am. The doctor performing the procedure is Dr. Greene, who is my favourite and my actual doctor at the clinic.

Overall I am feeling incredibly positive. Dr. O'Keane said that this cycle was looking way better than last time, and he was very hopeful that they would be able to retrieve more eggs this round. Also, the nurse made a note in my file that I had a low number of eggs last time, which means Dr. Greene can use a different type of needle to flush out each follicle in case I have some "stubborn" eggs that are in there but don't want to come out. Fingers crossed for good quality eggs!

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